Instant Coffee While Camping

A couple weeks ago, my fiancee and I took a weekend camping trip to Anza-Borrego State Park, about 2 hours northeast of San Diego. I was able to snag a weekend off, and there was a full-moon and a lunar eclipse that was going to create a Super Blood Moon on Sunday night, so I was in. Needless to say, the trip was great.

One of the essential things I bring when it comes to camping anywhere is coffee. When you’re in the great outdoors, your sleep schedule can get a little wacky. I remember some other camping trips we’ve done where we hit the tent around 7:00 PM because it was dark out! We ended up waking up with the sun, but the first couple nights of sleeping outdoors are always a little restless. There’s nothing better than a hot cup of joe to rouse you from your grogginess.

To keep it light, we didn’t bring the full coffee complement we usually have at home. Some reasons were obvious, such as no power outlets to plug in a grinder, and others were more mundane, such as keeping our packs and equipment light and easy to carry. Our go-to coffee while camping is Starbucks’ “Colombian Instant Coffee” packets. Now before you turn your nose up at instant coffee, let me explain a few things.

First, this instant coffee is actually good! One of my first forays into the coffee world was way back in college, when I boiled water and put some Folger’s instant coffee into my cup. I didn’t know how coffee was supposed to taste, so I thought it was decent! Second, instant coffee is making a sort of comeback and having a renaissance. Instant coffee is no longer the means for a quick jolt in the morning. More and more coffee roasters are venturing into the instant coffee game, knowing that sometimes all you have time for is some boiling water and pre-ground beans.

While instant coffee will never be my first, second, third and (probably) fourth choice for brewing coffee, it certainly comes in handy in a pinch and in the more stark and adverse environments I tend to find myself in. Next time you’re out for some camping, or a long bike ride, pick up some of this instant coffee and come to the realization that not all instant coffee is bad.