Introduction to My Trusty Steed

The trusty steed that gets me to work and home basically everyday.

The trusty steed that gets me to work and home basically everyday.

I would say that about 50% of my transportation is via bike. I bike to work
every chance I get, until the point in my job where I have to drive almost
40 miles one way to get to work. Fortunately, that only lasts for about 4
weeks at a time, and then I'm back to hopping on the bike and zipping to and

I've had this red K2 for a LONG time. Like....I used to ride this bike
to work when I was 16! That makes it an 11 year-old bike, that had about a
solid 4-5 year hiatus during my college years and my first few years of
professional work. Partly this was because I could walk everywhere I needed
to get to in college, and another part because there was no available
housing within ten miles of where I worked when I lived in North Carolina.
San Diego is practically biker's heaven compared to North Carolina, which
was very rural, with practically no sidewalks and very little shoulder room
for riding a bike.

Anyway, this bike has never let me down since I started riding it much more
regularly in the fall of 2017. A couple of tune-ups and some tire changes,
disassembling and greasing the chain and the Steed runs like brand new. One
of the best things about my bike set-up is that I have this nifty little
rear tire platform that has a couple poles at its bottom where I can attach
my trusty pannier. I tote my lunches and dinner back and forth in this thing
every day and it's durable as all get out. 

Riding this bike has opened up the sights, sounds and smells of San Diego. I'm
noticing the various murals that are painted around town, including ones
that are in progress. I'm whizzing past cars stuck in traffic, sneaking
glances at exasperated drivers and smiling inwardly and outwardly to myself
at their misery (is that bad?). It's like bike-enfraude. Ironically, bike
commuting feels like it takes less time than car commuting, even though my
mileage and time tracker says otherwise. Since I started tracking mileage on
December 10th, I've done 16 rides for a total of 49 miles, so right around 3
miles a ride, which is about how far work is from my apartment. It's freeing
and exhilarating to be able to ride my bike around a bustling metropolis,
and I feel much more freedom riding my Trusty Steed than I do entrapped in
my steel wheelchair.