Coffee and Bikes

There are some basic necessities I require in life - food, shelter, great friends and family, my loving fiancee. Then there are some maybe not-so-basic things that I like to think of as necessities. Those things, namely, are: Coffee and Bikes.

Drinking coffee and riding my bike are two things that I do nearly every day here in San Diego. I’m always up before the sun, and the first thing I do that brightens my day is turn on the kettle, grind some beans and brew up some fantastic “bean juice”. After consuming what is probably too much coffee for 5 AM, I’m off to work on my bike of about 11 years for the 3 or so mile ride. Coffee and bikes get my day off on a high note, and taking time to enjoy a hot cup of joe and a peaceful ride through San Diego in the early morning make everything else that day seem easy.

Here at Jack’s Cycle Cafe, I’d like to bring together my love of coffee and bikes. Soon, I plan on starting to roast my own beans, experiment with new home brew recipes and ride my bike all over San Diego. Who knows, perhaps one day I’ll build my own bicycle cafe and bring coffee and bike goodness to people all over town.