Coffee Shop Review: Bird Rock Coffee Roasters


My wonderful fiancée and I stopped by a local Little Italy coffee shop the other day called Bird Rock Coffee Roasters in Little Italy, San Diego. It's nestled in at the corner of mixed-use building right across the street from the delicious chicken place Crack Shack. This was my first time stopping in to get a taste of their coffee goodness, however, and I was glad I did.

The shop is well-lit and has a series of eclectic art along its walls. The baristas were very friendly and non-pretentious, which is a huge plus. Their menu is straightforward and classily minimal. They don't have a menu filled with hard-to-read titles and calorie counts (I'm looking at you Starbucks!), just a clear list of their offerings. I settled for a 12oz coffee Francisco's Reserve, from El Salvador, and my fiancée got the Honey Cinnamon latte. 


This may sound a tad strange, but I really liked their in-house mugs. Solid, white ceramic, with a cool graphic of an old VW Westfalia that has the delicious coffee bean on its side, with a surf board on top. I loved the uniqueness of it and certainly made the coffee much more enjoyable to drink. I’m pretty sure there’s some sort of science behind why beverages taste better when they’re in a aesthetically pleasing vessel, but whatever the case, I liked these cups!

So, the tasting notes for Francisco's Reserve coffee advertised blackberry,
caramel sauce and vanilla bean. The coffee was a nice, boot leather brown
and its aroma wafted into my nose with the subtle strength of an eagle. As
an amateur coffee taster, I honestly could not detect the tasting notes. I
tried super hard, and really enjoyed the coffee, but my palate hasn't caught
up yet. However, the Francisco's Reserve was delightfully smooth and did not
leave the nasty film on my teeth that some coffees like to leave. Overall,
Francisco's Reserve earns a 4 cups of coffee out of 5.

The Honey Cinnamon latte, however, did not leave any tasting notes to the
imagination. That drink tasted straight-up like honey and cinnamon, mixed with ambrosia-like coffee. It was
delicious! It was perfectly crafted and would be the perfect drink to cozy up with on a cold day. 

Overall, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is a coffee shop that I will return to
multiple times and sample their various coffees. Next time you're hankering
for a real smooth, velvety cup of joe, stop by this place and enjoy the
delightful taste of coffee from all over the world.